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New website launched. Hooray!

If you have already arrived at this page you will be welcomed by the revamped website. While the older LIQMET site was serving us well, we felt it was time for a fresh look and feel.

Easier for specifiers

The new website is designed to make it easier for architects, designers, specifiers, distributors, and others to generally navigate, order samples, find an applicator, etc.

The website now directs specifiers to a selection of amazing ‘Liquid Metal Finishes’, nested under ‘Liquid Metal Coatings’ along with coatings, colours, and samples.

Loads of inspirational ideas

Our extensive gallery hosts a collection of images providing innovative and inspirational ideas about artistic and practical ways to use LIQMET metal coatings; everything from floors to ceilings, from kitchens to bathrooms, from sculptures to bikes.

More inspiration

If you are looking for inspirational ideas, technical advice, and other useful information, look no further than our ‘Blog’ and downloadable ‘Brochures’ housed under ‘Inspiration’.

Order a sample pot

To give you an opportunity to try the material yourself, we offer a liquid sample pot of a metal and viscosity of your choosing with a coverage of half a square metre or 5.4 square feet. What are you waiting for! Go to the order link nested under ‘Liquid Metal Coatings’ to order your sample right away.

Limit is your imagination

A new addition to the website is ‘Our markets’ which lists potential industries where our metal coatings can be used. These are suggestions based on the amazing results we have already seen. This list is not exhaustive. There are no limits to what our coatings can transform. Let your imagination run wild. We would love to know about the avant-garde you may have dabbled in.

Become a distributor or an applicator

We are growing! It is an exciting time. We want to appeal to your interest and encourage you to become part of the LIQMET Team. Don’t hang back. The process is now described such that it is easy to understand. If you are interested in joining, we would be happy to assist you in any way possible.


Every website designer likes to think that their design is the best. We’re no exception. However, you are important for us. We would like to know what about the new website you like and what you don’t. We are good at taking constructive criticism, so that we can continue to improvise.

We would love to hear from you. You can reach us via telephone, email, or the form below.

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Fiberglass and Liquid Metal Coatings


During last few years we were involved in some projects which required manufacturing fiberglass moulds and products.

The biggest one was Palazzo Versace hotel in Gold Coast, which is still the luxurious hotel in Australia.


“Versace Palazzo – the definition of luxury, glamour and sophistication and is the home of Versace, one of the most legendary fashion brands in the world.”

Our job was manufacturing 400 columns and column’s capitals from foam or timber models.

During this project we had some problems and one of them was very complicated 3D shapes of columns and capitals which did not allow to use simple fiberglass moulds. So we had to use rubber moulds together with fiberglass to support rubber. It took us a time but anyway we produced 400 copies of marbleize columns with bronze and gold capitals with Liqmet metal coatings on it.

The last problem suddenly appeared on our horizon. All installed columns had an empty sound. To solve it we had to fill up all of them with a plaster.

Finally, everything looked awesome and never ever can say that there were artificial marble and not solid metal.


Another big project using fiberglass moulds was done for distributors of Toyota in Australia. They presented to their top clients a corporate gift which was a copy of 18th century bronze medallion manufactured by traditional casting in Japan. The price per each was $350.

We made a fiberglass mould from original copy and coated with thin layer of Liqmet bronze coating. The rest was filled up with piece of MDF. As outcome we had a copy of 18th century medallion for $110 each. Our medallions looked better, was touch cold as well but was much lighter than original. During last few years we manufactured around thousands of copies and happy to continue!

bronze medallion

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