LIQMET is an unique and unequalled decorative metal coating system, the result of three years of research and development. LIQMET is an Australian made product and a registered trade mark. This system replaces traditional casting for sculptures and other kinds 3D-object manufacturing. Our metal coating technology allows the use of 3D models made from cheap substrates like timber, plastic, MDF and even foam. Only 1mm of LIQMET cold-spray decorative metal coating applied onto any substrate gives a solid cast metal look.

Another goal we wanted to achieve was to avoid dangerous materials. It took us six months to develop and test different polymers. As a result, we don’t use polyester resin in our manufacturing process. Our decorative metal coatings don’t have any smell and can be applied without special safety equipment.

LIQMET decorative metal coating is 2 pack system containing a metal in liquid form and a hardener.  

Part A – a liquid metal

The LIQMET decorative metal system is available in the following metals and alloys:

  • Zinc - Smoked Chrome

  • Platinum - Gold

  • Antique Bronze - Rose Alloy

  • Bronze - “Tahiti“

  • Antique Copper - Aqualloy

  • Copper - Brass

  • Aluminium - Antique Brass

  • Iron - Graphite - non-metal

  • Pewter

Part B – a hardener.

Only 10% of the hardener required for 1 kg/2.20 pounds of Part A. 10% of the hardener added to the metal allows to polymerize (dry) material during 16-24 hours at room temperature.


All 16 metals and alloys and a graphite manufactured in 2 viscosities: SPRAY and BRUSH. Different viscosities allow to apply metal with unlimited thickness from 0.25 mm up to 10 cm or more without settling and cracks.

Also we manufacture a fire-retardant range of decorative metal coatings for a surfaces where very high temperatures involved.

LIQMET metal coatings can be applied on variety of substrates like:

  • Wood

  • MDF

  • Ceramics

  • Fiberglass

  • Acrylic

  • Concrete

  • Metal

  • Paper

  • Foam

  • Fabric, etc


Liqmet decorative metals are supplied in 3 different sizes: small (1kg), medium (6 kg) and large (11 kg).


Our decorative metal system has many benefits:

1.     Looks and feels like a solid metal

2.     No any smell

3.     No polyester resin

4.     We use Australian ingredients which proofed by Australia made logo.

5.     Mostly made from recycling materials

6.     Solvent free VOC - 0

7.     Metals can be mixed together to create new metal colour

8.     Durable

9.     Does not shrink after application

10.  UV resistant

11.  Doesn’t conduct electricity

12.  All metal finishes and alloys, except iron, are non-magnetic

13.  Light-weight and cost-effective

14.  Applied to almost any substrates


During 15 years on the market thousand jobs were done around the world which prove an outstanding quality of LIQMET decorative metal coating system.

One of the best examples of durability and quality of LIQMET metal coating system are applications on motorbikes and cars. Motorbikes and cars surfaces are experiencing big weather and human impact. We provide a warranty for 30 years.


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